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For Commercial Cultivators and Hobbyists Alike, RedFlag Products Takes the Guesswork Out of Plumbing your Hydroponics Project

We are living in a boom time for the hydroponics industry. It's true that commercial crop growers have been applying and refining hydroponic techniques for many years, but recently hydroponics has become more vital and popular than ever before. Ever the pioneers, Redflag Products has been supporting and supplying the hydroponics industry from the very beginning. We constantly source the newest and best technologies in order to offer exciting and innovative products, without losing sight of the most straightforward and time-tested methodologies. Hydroponic systems are the modern gardening tools that allow you to grow any plant, anywhere, at any time, with maximum yields and complete quality control. We offer a wide varietly of hydroponics equipment to fit any space and any budget and we'll work with you as you take complete control over your plants' growing environment.

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