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RedFlag Products - Your Experts in the Field of Irrigation

Redflag Products promises innovation and field-proven success in agricultural irrigation. We help our customers grow more with less, and we strive to keep apace with the constantly growing demands of the dynamic agricultural industry. We incorporate advanced fluid-handling practices and technologies for enhanced and efficient landscape irrigation.

Our specialists here at Redflag Products will help you choose the right approach and the most convenient parts and materials to ensure optimal functionality. Our valuable services and hydraulic planning will help you achieve the best results from cost-efficient irrigation investments.

Redflag Products' high-quality pipe systems and irrigation supplies include a wide range of products with excellent corrosion resistance, and are easy to install and maintain. Browse our full range of irrigation supplies including water valves, water tanks, PVC pipe and fittings, and other high-quality parts for transmitting and distributing water for irrigation purposes.

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